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Replacement Keis Heated Apparel Power Supply Lead

Each item of Keis heated clothing is supplied with one of these Power Supply Leads. This lead is made available if you have more than one vehicle/motorcycle, or need a replacement lead.

The end of the lead with the red and black battery eyelets is connected directly to the vehicle battery - make sure to do this carefully. We advise watching the video

What does the Keis motorcycle (vehicle) power lead do?

  • Provides quick and simple connection to a vehicle battery (such as a motorcycle)
  • Integral fuse protection
  • Complete with Fuse Pack for multiple garments.
  • 120cm long
  • 6mm battery eyelet connection.

Part Number: W54-370070

Please Note: Avoid routing the power supply lead in such a ways as to make direct contact with hot surfaces, like your motorcycle engine and exhaust.