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Italian outfit Holy Freedom has been producing quality motorcycle tube scarfs for years and has a wide range of designs and materials to suit any occasion.

If you ride a motorcycle, there are plenty of good reasons to wear a tube scarf/neck gaiter: 

  • Whether you wear a full face or open face helmet tube scarfs can make a huge difference to your level of comfort by helping to keep the cold off the neck and face.
  • It can be worn in many ways such as a balaclava, neck warmer, and headband.
  • Ideal for all sports: motorcycling, running, tennis, cycling, beach volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and others.
  • Constructed without any seams to offer improved comfort and the benefit of increased elasticity for a multitude of fitment styles.
  • An antibacterial treatment also means they’ll stay smelling fresh for longer.

What's the deal with Polar?

The Holy Freedom Polar range of tube scarfs are designed specifically for the coldest conditions. An outer layer of polyester micro-fibre functions as a wind barrier. Then to keep things toasty the inner surface of the Polar tube scarfs is covered in an insulating fleece-liner. The scarfs are sized at 24cm x 50cm so they can be tucked into the collar of a jacket to keep the wind at bay. For increased comfort, the Polar tube scarf is soft and fast-drying to quickly dispense with any sweat or water.