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The Fuoriluogo KIT will transform your Ducati Scrambler into a go-anywhere machine.
The bike becomes more 'off' and less 'on'. It is easier to ride because it has a shorter tank which allows a better riding position. You can get up to six centimeters [2.3 inches] closer to the handlebars. You will no longer have that strange detachment from the handlebars, the handling and feeling greatly improve.
The parts of the kit are supplied painted, complete with graphics under clear coat and ready for assembly. They are also available unpainted if you want to paint them to your own design. In a few hours, your scrambler will become a great custom, without having to tamper with any original part, the kit is completely reversible.
Good tuning!

The complete kit includes:
 Box with video assembly instructions + screws and brackets
1 Tank (available in three colours, and unpainted, choose the colour in the configurator)
2 Seat
3 Passenger Bag / Seat (available in Sky or canvas, choose the material in the configurator)
4 Pair of side panels
5 High exhaust
7 Rubber knee pads
8 Rear frame cover
9 Side luggage rack
11 Toolbox
12 Canvas tool bag